You are in the right place if the following sounds like your situation:

  • “My marriage has come to an end”
  • “I would like to spend more time with my children”
  • “I need to file a response”

We can help you with

Family Law:

  • divorce/dissolution of marriage
  • legal separation
  • paternity/parentage
  • child support, child support adjustment
  • child support modification
  • parenting plan modification
  • enforcement of court orders
  • non parental actions for child custody and/or relocation

Guardian Ad Litem:

  • Investigate and review information related to each child's case.
  • Prepare reports and attend hearings.
  • Monitor compliance with court orders and inform court of any change of circumstances that may require a modification of the court's orders.
  • Visit each child in various settings and report observations to the court.


I am a Certified Mediator Practitioner from the Dispute Resolution Center of Snohomish and Island Counties, since 2009. As a mediator I have helped parties reach agreements that are specific to their family needs as an alternative to resolving disputes in court. Previously I have helped to mediate:

  • new parenting plans
  • parenting plan modifications
  • and small claims cases.

For a personalized recommendation for your case, please contact me for a free consultation.