Roommates and Child Custody in Washington State

Posted by Alesha Struthers Jan 24, 20230 Comments

A divorce can impact you financially as well as emotionally. You may have to start over again. You may be forced to move out of the marital home or struggle to keep the lights on in the marital home with just your income. Maybe you were a stay-at-home parent with no income or now have an income that just doesn't cover the bills. It's difficult, especially with inflation. What are your options? Could you get a roommate? How might that affect my child custody case ? This article goes over information on roommates and child custody in Washington state .

Can Child Support be Put on Hold for Mediation?

Posted by Alesha Struthers Nov 10, 20220 Comments

Can Child Support Be Put On Hold for Mediation? Child support is part of every parenting plan in Washington state. But what happens when mediation is ordered or necessary because of the county you filed in, such as Snohomish County? Are you able to pause child support while you and the other p...

How to: Mediation for Child Support Success

Posted by Alesha Struthers Oct 11, 20220 Comments

How to: Mediation for Child Support Success Many times, couples who are getting divorced in Washington state see child support as everything that isn't. Child support is strictly to help your child. It isn't a punishment because the relationship didn't work out. And mediation is an amazing tool....

Divorce Mediation Checklist: 4 Best Tips

Posted by Alesha Struthers Jun 28, 20220 Comments

Divorce Mediation Checklist: 4 Best Tips Mediation in divorce can be an emotionally taxing time. Depending on how your relationship ended, sitting in a room and discussing who gets what or if you need to sell the home that you love may not sound ideal. You don't want to lose everything, but you ...

Is Mediation Required in Snohomish County?

Posted by Alesha Struthers Feb 16, 20220 Comments

Although Washington state divorce laws govern the legal process of divorce, each county can also set their own ordnances. This includes whether mediation is required. If you're thinking about filing for divorce in Snohomish County, you may be wondering whether mediation is required as part of the...

Snohomish County Divorce Process: What’s It Like?

Posted by Alesha Struthers Aug 10, 20210 Comments

The Snohomish County divorce process is a legal process that the Law Offices of Alesha Struthers has a lot of experience in. Yet, it isn't just a legal process. It is also an emotional process. As an emotional process, divorce can be different for each person and their children. From the emotiona...

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