Uncontested Divorce in Snohomish County: What Is It?

Posted by Alesha Struthers Nov 10, 2022

Uncontested Divorce in Snohomish County: What Is It?

In Snohomish County, there are two types of divorce or dissolution of marriage: uncontested and contested. Either may or may not include assets and minor children shared between the spouses. In this blog post, you'll learn:

  • The definition of uncontested divorce
  • Whether you can choose a county other than Snohomish if you want to file a divorce
  • The cost to file an uncontested divorce in Snohomish County
  • Information about uncontested divorce involving a child in Snohomish County
  • Whether mediation is required for an uncontested divorce in Snohomish County
  • What happens if the divorce becomes contested.

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This blog post is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for legal advice. An uncontested divorce is a legal process. It can be very beneficial to have legal representation for the process since it may not remain uncontested. For legal advice, obtain legal representation from a licensed attorney. The Law Offices of Alesha Struthers provides free initial consultation for uncontested and contested divorces. Schedule now.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is the legal ending of a marriage where the spouses do not fight over the issues that must be settled before the divorce can be granted. For example, they agree on how any assets considered as community property will be split or sold. They agree on how debt they entered into during the marriage will be split. If they share a minor child, they agree on custody, child support, and the parenting plan. In colloquial terms, it is smooth sailing as far as divorce matters are concerned. Yes, they may need to discuss certain matters, but they don't drag things out. They don't necessarily fight over issues. They work together to end the marriage amicably.

Can You Choose Another County Other Than Snohomish for Uncontested Divorce?

If you are a resident of Snohomish County when you decide to file for divorce, you must file your uncontested divorce in Snohomish County Court. If your spouse filed for the uncontested divorce and you agree with it, and they are a resident of Snohomish County, they must file the proceeding with Snohomish County Court. If you no longer reside in Snohomish County, that is fine since you are the respondent. So, in short, anyone seeking an uncontested divorce (or even a contested divorce) must file the proceeding with the county court in which they are a resident.

What Is the Cost to File an Uncontested Divorce in Snohomish County Court?

The cost to file an uncontested divorce in Snohomish County Court is $314. These are only the filing fees for the court. It does not include the cost of hiring a family law attorney. Yet, if it's uncontested, you may wonder if you need to bother hiring a family law attorney.

Yes, there is an extra expense when you get a divorce lawyer to represent you. However, you must remember that because divorce is also an emotional process, it may become a contested matter at any time. If your ex decides to hire a divorce lawyer, it can be hard for you to know whether you're being treated fairly in the division of debts and assets. Hiring a Snohomish divorce lawyer to represent you can help you understand the legal process and whether any offer presented to you by opposing counsel is equitable.

Uncontested Divorce with a Child in Snohomish County

Uncontested divorce with a child in Snohomish County has additional steps. If you and your ex share at least one minor child and you have agreed to divorce, you must both take a parenting seminar. Most individuals refer to the parenting seminar as a parenting class. In Snohomish County, parenting seminars are conducted online. As of August 2021, you can choose between two different seminars. Although your divorce is uncontested, you and your ex are not required to attend the same parenting seminar.

You and your ex must also come up with a parenting plan. A parenting plan explains the time that each parent will spend with the minor child. In plain terms, a parenting plan is the language that Washington state uses to say “child custody agreement.” Snohomish County Court will consider any agreement that you and your ex can come to concerning your minor child as long as it is in the child's best interest.

Is Mediation Required for an Uncontested Divorce in Snohomish County?

Mediation is required for all divorces filed in Snohomish County, including those that are uncontested. You may be wondering why it is required for uncontested divorces since you and your ex have agreed to divorce. Mediation helps prevent any issues from creeping in and causing an uncontested divorce from becoming contested. Nothing brings out the ugly side of people faster than money, debt, and fighting over child custody.

Mediation helps you and your ex keep an uncontested divorce from becoming contested. Each of you may address potential hotbed matters. You can provide potential solutions and counter-solutions. This helps you get through the divorce process faster. The issues that cannot be resolved through mediation can be resolved through court.

What If It Becomes Contested?

If your divorce becomes contested, it can become more stressful, take longer, and become more expensive. Because an uncontested divorce can become contested at any point, it is essential to hire a Snohomish County divorce lawyer to help you through the process. Knowing that you have an attorney, your ex could be more likely to work with you and keep the conversation civil and on track. And if not? You have an attorney to guide you through or represent you during mediation and in court.

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Posted November 2022.