R. Rosner Recommends Alesha Struthers

At Law Offices of Alesha Struthers, I felt as though they were very responsive to the questions and concerns I had in regards to my case. I consider myself a (difficult) client in the fact that I want information/guidance/advice fed to me based on my situation. I recently used Alesha Struthers Law Office to help facilitate a divorce situation. I truly just wanted to send over the relevant information and have her firm ‘figure out' how to request and document this matter properly. It is emotional enough just ‘getting' to the point of divorce, I really didn't want to have to delve into the extreme details as would have been required if I submitted the legal paperwork myself on this matter. Whenever I had a question, I would receive a response within hours. Very quick turnaround. Also, I had lots of ‘what if' questions and have a very low understanding of the law.

Alesha always took the time to chat or email with me to ensure my questions were addressed and alternatives were offered as needed. In the future if my friends or colleagues needed an attorney I would refer this firm. What I had liked best about this firm is the fact that Alesha is always responsive and willing to explain legal matters in simple terms. I am not a law expert (and never wish to become one) so it was reassuring to have someone take the time to detail my questions in a simplistic way. Very helpful.

– R. Rosner